Hiwifi 3Pro C312B Flash Layout

Total: 128MB = 1024 * 128kB = 0.5 + 0.5 + 0.25 + 32 + 0.5 + 0.5 + 0.5 + 16 + 32 + 2 + 43.25 layer0 layer1 --------------------------------------------------- u-boot 4*128kB = 0.5MB 0x00000000-0x00080000 --------------------------------------------------- debug 4*128kB = 0.5MB 0x00080000-0x00100000 --------------------------------------------------- Factory 2*128kB = 0.25MB 0x00100000-0x00140000 --------------------------------------------------- kernel... [Read More]

Google Apps for Redmi Note5 on Android8.1 Oreo

The Android version of MIUI on Redmi Note5 is 8.1 Oreo. If you want to use Google service and Apps on Chinese ROM, you need these Apps. MIUI on Redmi Note5 is based on the latest Android. You can’t find those Apps on most chinese App markets. [Read More]

Try LittleFS on STM32 and SPI flash

Over the past years, I have make use of FatFS to manage files on SPI flash. This is not a good solution, because of FatFS’s lack of wear leveling ability. In the GIF below we can see how fast FatFS get failed without wear leveling. [Read More]

Welcome to ECHO Studio

Wellcome to ECHO Studio. This site is planned to write in English. However, English is my second language, for most of the time, I write in Chinese. Don’t be confused if you find lots of Chinese characters here:(