PI035 and PI0049 have been released

The Raspberry Pi Foundation had just released their latest Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, Which was completely upgraded, re-engineered, faster, and more powerful. Here are the technical specifications of Raspberry Pi 4 Model B: Broadcom BCM2711, Quad core Cortex-A72 (ARM v8) 64-bit SoC @ 1.5GHz 1GB, 2GB or 4GB LPDDR4-2400... [Read More]

UIMeterDual has been released

UIMeterDual is the dual channel version of UIMeter, it inherits the powerful voltage and current monitor and logger functions. The test channel was extended to two. The frontend analog scheme is TI’s INA226. Main highlights are: Wide measurement range: voltage as high as 36V, current as high as +-10A,two channels.... [Read More]

Hiwifi Router Original Frimware Download Link

Recently I got a new Hiwifi HC5761 router. When I tried to update to the latest firmware, I found it’s original firmware download link has broken. So I collected those firmwares and gave them a new download link, hope to be useful to you. Download link: Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1TAKpXb4yb1OVI5OsUqEUGQ pass:v7hv md5sum:... [Read More]

Hiwifi HC5761 Flash Layout

Total: 16MB = 192 + 64 + 64 + 15808 + 128 + 64 + 64 = 16384kB Firmware Start Address: 0x050000 layer0 layer1 layer2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- mtd0:u-boot 3*64kB=192kB 0x000000-0x030000 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- mtd1:hw_panic 1*64kB = 64kB 0x030000-0x040000 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- mtd2:Factory 1*64kB = 64kB 0x040000-0x050000 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- mtd7:kernel 18*64kB = 1152kB mtd6:firmware 0x050000-0x170000 247*64kB =... [Read More]

Phicomm N1 P230 Amlogic S905D Review and Benchmark

System information echo@amlogic:~$ uname -a Linux amlogic 3.14.29 #207 SMP PREEMPT Fri Jun 1 09:27:52 MSK 2018 aarch64 aa 64 aarch64 GNU/Linux Memory information echo@amlogic:~$ free -h total used free shared buff/cache available Mem: 1.8G 87M 1.4G 17M 256M 1.6G Swap: 899M 0B 899M Storage information echo@amlogic:~$ df -h Filesystem... [Read More]